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Basic types of strategies - deck archetypes

If you are new and wondering why your deck from Arena 3 doesn't work, maybe it's time to learn more about decks and their types.


Beatdown decks are popular and very strong. You build a large push with a tank and support troops.

The tanks are for example Golem, Giant, Lava Hound and Royal Giant (well if you don't rush him on the bridge...).

You can even take some damage and then overwhelm your opponent. Those decks sometimes feature Elixir Collector to build stronger pushes using more elixir. 


This deck type is based on playing siege cards (X-Bow, Mortar) at the bridge and then defending the siege building.

It is a hard archetype to play because you must know your opponent's cycle and predict what they are going to do.

Bait - Zapbait and Logbait

Bait decks have multiple cards countered by one spell. Logbait has a lot of cards countered by The Log and Zapbait has a lot of cards countered by Zap.

It is easy to play, but hard to master.

A typical match start scenario -  You rush a Goblin gang at the bridge and your enemy destroys it by The Log. Then you can attack his tower with a Goblin Barrel because you know that he doesn't have The Log and he's gonna take some damage.


Cycle decks have a lot of cheap cards, so you can quickly get to your win condition (for example Hog Rider) before your enemy gets back the his/her counter to your win condition.

Example: Your opponent countered your Hog by his Inferno Tower. You just throw away some 1 or 2 elixir cards and you'll have the Hog again and your enemy doesn't have the Inferno so you can attack him.

It's hard to play defense so those decks usually have a minitank (Knight, Ice Golem) a cheap defensive building (Cannon, Tesla) and a ranged troop that defends well with the minitank (Archers, Musketeer).

Chip Cycle 

A deck that is about sending small attacks at your opponent's princess tower and chipping its hitpoints.

They usually have a cheap spawner (Furnace, Gob Hut) or a defensive building (Inferno Tower or Tesla). Then they contain cheap cycle cards (1 or 2 elixir) and usually Miner for chipping the tower.

Most of the times you win 1-0 because it's almost impossible to take down the second Princess tower or the King Tower.

Spell cycle

A very unpopular strategy and most players consider it's useless (and I also think so).

It's just about defending and a bit about cycling. The only thing you do is to send spells to your opponent's tower(s).

Spell cycle decks have 2 heavy spells (Rocket, Lighting) and some players (fools?) carry even more than 3 heavy and mid spells (Fireball, Poison).

Just don't play it if you don't want to lose trophies...


The main objective is to control the match (as the name says lol). You defend attacks from your opponent and then you use the remaining troops to attack with a new support (also called counter-attack).

Your enemy won't have so much elixir because they used it on their push that you defended.

Control decks have a tank that attacks normal troops (PEKKA, Mega Knight) and support for them.

Split-lane (The 3M strategy)

This is a strategy that is not considered to be a true archetype (by some players). But that doesn't matter.

The name Split-lane means that you attack both enemy lanes and reinforce the one that has a higher chance of succeeding, while you try to force the enemy to defend both lanes.

Cards used - the most common card is Three Musketeers, but you can also add Royal Hogs, Royal Recruits or other cards that you can split.

Bridge Spam

As the name says, you spam troops on the bridge.

Bridge Spam decks contain cards that you can rush on the bridge, some cycle cards and a defensive troop (usually Inferno Dragon).

You can rush a card alone or you can use it as control deck and build a counter-push. But spamming on the bridge is seen much more.

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